Wagner AG,
Metalldruckguss, Thermoplastspritzguss und Werkzeugbau
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9104 Waldstatt / AR

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Wagner Automotiv d.o.o.
Sarajevska 62
76250 Gradacac
Bosnia und Herzegovina

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Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility


As a family business which is regionally very well integrated but at the same time globally oriented, Wagner aims to develop the group on a long-term, sustainable basis. At Wagner, corporate social responsibility is implemented based on long-term oriented business relationships which build on respect and mutual trust as well as Wagner’s Code of Conduct which defines the collaboration within the group including its external partners and stakeholders. Long-term oriented business planning and an investment plan ensure both good working and living conditions of its employees as well as a successful development and execution of the mission, vision and strategy of the company.



Wagner is certified according to the environmental standards ISO-14001 and follows a comprehensive and consequent environmental management strategy. Wagner assumes its social and environmental responsibility beyond the legally required standards in order to protect nature and its living space for today’s and future generations. The systematic reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the optimization of energy efficiency are the basis for all corporate processes. Therefore, the environmentally friendly and sustainable use of resources is both essential from an ethical point of view but also the catalyzer for the continuous search for new innovative solutions which again builds the basis for the Group’s economic success. Wagner is happy to explain ils environmental mission statement to external parties.