Wagner AG,
Metalldruckguss, Thermoplastspritzguss und Werkzeugbau
Urnäscherstrasse 22
9104 Waldstatt / AR

+ 41 71 354 8181


Wagner Automotiv d.o.o.
Sarajevska 62
76250 Gradacac
Bosnia und Herzegovina

+ 387 35 816 737

Assembly Groups

Sub-systems and assembly groups made flexible.

The development and manufacturing of sub-systems and assembly groups made of in-house manufactured plastic, aluminum and zinc parts as well as purchased parts is one of Wagner’s core competences. By taking care of the assembly group, Wagner is also able to take on the functional responsibility of the sub-system. Thanks to flexible lean management and innovative process automation, Wagner is the cost efficient one-stop-shop for the entire range from small to large series.