Wagner AG,
Metalldruckguss, Thermoplastspritzguss und Werkzeugbau
Urnäscherstrasse 22
9104 Waldstatt / AR

+ 41 71 354 8181


Wagner Automotiv d.o.o.
Sarajevska 62
76250 Gradacac
Bosnia und Herzegovina

+ 387 35 816 737


Shaping our future with the long-term development of our employees.

As a family run company, Wagner is very ambitious in the long-term development of its employees. Well educated and motivated employees are a key element for the successful development of Wagner as well as for a company culture which is based on openness and fairness. Continuous training and development of employees of all levels ensures that innovative and value creating solutions are being developed and implemented. This again builds the basis for the long-term success and competitiveness of the company in an international environment.

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